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Channel Depth Survey - 2016

The Channel Depth Survey has just been completed as of 07/23/2016. There are several plots of the results that can be viewed with Adobe Reader or any PDF file reader. This format will allow you to increase the scale of the plots to read the point depths.

Click Here to Download The Overall Survey Results
Click Here to Download The Detailed Survey Results

This last file is a depth profile in Longitude departing the channel between the Green 5 and Green Blank markers. This is the most critical part of the channel. You can use Adobe Reader to scroll through the depth profiles to get a view like your keel would see. Click Here to Download The Channel Profile Results

There will also be a copy of these plots on the Kid’s Lounge computer.

Message from the Commodore – March, 2016

Click Here to Download March Message from The Commodore

Updated 2017 Activities Schedule

This is the 2017 Activity Calendar at Sea Harbour. If times and events change and additions are made we will post them here.

• Jan 21 – Board Meeting
• Mar 4 – 2017 Annual Membership Meeting
• May 6 – Board Meeting, Work Day
• June 10 – Jimmy Buffet Party
• July 15 – Board Meeting
• October 28 – Board Meeting, Work Day, Octoberfest
• December 31 – Oyster Roast
• January 20, 2017 – Board Meeting
• March 3, 2018 – 2018 Annual Membership Meeting

Channel Depth Survey 2015

In preparation for the 2015 season the depth of the SHYC channel from the Red 6 to Red4 markers was surveyed as part of workday. The channel has shifted a bit so take a look. The charts are PDF format so you can use the zoom function in your PDF reader to look at the details of parts of the channel. The shallowest part of the channel is associated with the Green 5 and Green Blank marker. A more detailed plot PDF is also provided so you can see where to maneuver in this area. Good Winds

Click Here to Download the Channel Depth Survey 2015
Click Here to Download the Channel Depth Survey – Detailed 2015

New Sailing Capital of NC Website

Catch up on all the Sailing Goings on at the Sailing Capital of NC Website – ( It will continue to be under the Local Links tab in the future)

Neuse Water Level and Marine Weather plus Tropical Storm Outlook and Webcams

Note that above information are now links on the right side of the SHYC website pages. These are the same pages you would see on the website, just a more direct path.

Under the “Local Links” you can see the current webcam shots of Neuse and Oriental Harbor conditions.

Storm Preparation Instructions

Click Here to Download Storm Preparation Instructions
Click Here to Download Hurricane Plan Task Grid
Click Here to Download Hurricane Preparation Volunteer Form

Rules and Regulations

Click Here to Download the Rules and Regulations

Declarations and Bylaws

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